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SwiftServe Process Servers connects you seamlessly to the Central Coast, boasting convenient office locations in Santa Barbara, Nipomo, and Arroyo Grande to cater to your business's legal support demands with speed and precision. Our comprehensive suite of services is designed to fully accommodate your company’s requirements, encompassing Process Serving, Electronic Filing, Document Retrieval, Digitization, and Subpoena Drafting.

Are you in search of a hard-to-find witness? As a certified provider of Skip Tracing with an impressive 95% track record in locating individuals and businesses, SwiftServe Process Servers is your go-to resource. Whether it's serving legal documents, filing them, or needing photocopies, Welcome to SwiftServe Process Servers is equipped to handle your needs. With a heritage spanning over 15 years, our expertise, dedicated team, and rich experience position us as the ideal partner to serve you effectively.

Experience the SwiftServe Process Servers advantage. Our commitment extends from digital E-filing to traditional methods of process serving, and we strive to exceed the expectations of every client we serve.

Our Specialized Process Serving Services:

Standard Process Serving

With a deep understanding of California legal requirements, our professional servers ensure the reliable delivery of summons, complaints, subpoenas, and other court documents. We prioritize prompt service to meet standard legal deadlines.

Rush and Same-Day Service

For those critical moments when time is of the essence, SwiftServe Process Servers provides expedited process serving in California. We respond swiftly to your urgent requests, with the aim to serve documents on the same day or within an accelerated time frame.

Skip Tracing

When individuals are challenging to locate, our expert skip tracers employ advanced technology and investigative methods to track down and serve even the most evasive parties involved in your case.

Stakeout Services

Our strategic stakeout services are designed for situations where individuals are avoiding service. We employ patience and strategy to ensure that necessary legal documents reach their intended recipients.

Court Filing and Document Retrieval

SwiftServe Process Servers extends beyond process serving; we offer court filing and document retrieval services to ease your interactions with California's court system. Let us handle the procedural details while you focus on your case.

Mobile and Remote Services

Our adaptable process servers are ready to manage remote services when in-person interactions are not possible. We ensure documents are served across California, adhering to all safety protocols as needed.

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For reliable and professional legal support services in California, choose SwiftServe Process Servers. Reach out to us to discuss how we can meet your process serving needs and experience the efficiency and reliability that sets SwiftServe apart.